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Archive for March, 2011

~Magic of Motherhood~

I believe the images speak for themselves….

~It runs in the family~

I’m so lucky to have started working with the Sizemore family when Miss Ari was just a few months old and always enjoy our shoots together! They usually include Marc playing guitar—which is a treat!— and this session they brought the ukulele Ari loves! I think its in her blood =)

~Blooper Shot~

Not every shot is a keeper—-but I snapped this one at the perfect moment!  A wardrobe change and she was good to go! Such a trooper =)

~Lemons & Laughs~

Can’t believe its time for Miss Callie Jane’s 6 month pictures already!! Of course I Oooooed & Ahhhhhed over all over her ADORABLE outfits, little girls are so fun!!! And just wait til you see the whole seesion with all of her accessories =) Oh and Big cousin Mason got in on some of the fun too!

~Easy Like Sunday Morning~

I love a lazy Sunday morning.  Yes, I should be at church, but I thank God for my sweet girls and time to cuddle with them.  As they were laying here so sweet, I thought I’d show you all how adorable they are, relaxed and snuggly; I did manage a few shots of that—then they decided it was playtime…as you see =)

~Yay for Healthy Hank!~

Hank, Spanks, Hankster, HankyPanky….whatever name you want to call him….we’re all just thankful he is back home and on the mend from his bout with RSV.  Love you, Baby Bug & Tater Bug! <3 Aunty K

~Nakey & Giggly~


It was great to play with Miss Ava and to meet her new cousin Lucas!!  Bet you can guess from the pix which was nakey and which was giggly! =)

~It’s her party….~

AND she will wear cake if she wants to!!  Miss B is one of the cuties I’ve been lucky enough to photograph since she was just a belly bump! She and her big sister have provided me with loads of fun and laughs while working with them and I can’t wait to watch them grow into beautiful young ladies!

~Things that make you go hmmmmmm~


So folks, long time no blog, huh?   Yea, life has been a little crazy lately and I’ve been in a little work funk or something.  Maybe it’s been to much traveling (ahhh I love traveling but I go into total vacay mode even on little trips), maybe its been this new healthy lifestyle kick (yea, lost a few pounds and training for a 5k!), buuuut today I realized I think I’ve been thinking too much! I’ve been analyzing too much, looking for the exact perfect shot/perfect set up/perfect light, when I should just be shooting what I love! I believe in that idea so much, but I lost sight of it while I was “thinking”.

So this morning when I walked into the kitchen, looked into the breakfast and saw our sweet Polly cat stretched out belly up taking in as much sun as she could, something hit me and I ran (on my tiptoes praying not to disturb her) for my camera.  This is my life, Polly cat sunning! I smile everytime I catch her doing it! So I decided to forego the “Blog Challenge” that I said I was going to do (and obvi haven’t been keeping up with) and share a little of my life with you here and there. Considering keeping up with a regular blog has been a challenge enough for me, adding something elses to it that I’m calling a “Challenge” does not sound appealing (and right now this 5k training is quite the challenge for me)! Soooo, hope you all enjoy…